Friday, June 18, 2010


Stock screening  is a powerful basic research tool. Gone are the days when you have to check through piles of newspapers, journals; making research for days and weeks looking for credible stocks to add to your portfolio. I call stock screening a powerful tool because within minutes, you can find good stocks you can buy. You can be your own stock analyst by leveraging on the power of stock screener. This tool will save you time and money giving you an effective analytical method.This is because, you can obtain this service for free across the internet. Don't worry i will give you the links on where to find stock screener free tools just read on. Some brokers allow their clients to use this tool for free.

There are categories which you will need to look into while screening your stocks:
  1. Stock Price: this is where you enter the price range of the stocks you want to research. Assuming you want to research across penny stocks, knowing that penny stocks are stocks with prices from $5 and below, you will simply enter the range of $0 to $5 to get the list.
  2. Volume: you can use this select the stocks that are trading at good volume at the moment. Volume is a very important factor to consider and it is mostly used by technical stock analysts. By picking a good range in the volume, you cut off those stocks with low trading volume.
  3. Fundamentals: under fundamentals you find stocks at your specified P/E ratio and market capitalization. Assuming you type in P/E ratio from $1 and above, you have been able to cut off stocks with negative P/E ratio. Market capitalization tells you the worth and the class a company stock falls into. Whether it is small cap, medium cap or a large cap stock. You can get this by multiplying their number of shares with their current stock price. Buying stocks within the small cap and medium cap is good for long term strategy because, it shows that the company still have enough room to grow (that is if they are doing well),
  4. Exchange and Industry: i like this part because i like playing with energy and technology stocks. By specifying the particular industry you will like investing will streamline your search. The exchange is the market where the stock is traded on, it can be NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX or All the exchanges. 

You can get this free Stock Screening tools from MSN, YAHOO, MORNINGSTAR and so on. With these tools, stock research has never been easier.

Below, you will find incredible books dealing on stock screening, buying them will give you an advantage to know more about stock screening and you can fire your stock analyst or even open your own stock analyst company.

Friday, June 11, 2010


"SECRET PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STOCKS BEGINNERS" by Jane Nnadi has extended its legs to Smashword ebook store on 13th of May, 2010. Smashwords is one of the leading ebook publishers online. Their distribution network lists our ebook across many online reputable book stores like Barnes&Noble, Smashword store, Apple store and Kobo. So, if you are an Apple Ipod user or uses other eReaders, don't be left out for SECRET PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STOCKS BEGINNERS is at your door step.

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We did not stop at that as we are working to move from ebook to paperback book on Amazon. Our readers will be updated when this is ready to be able to order for their print copy of SECRET PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STOCKS BEGINNERS from Amazon online book store.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


As the name implies, Penny stocks are the stocks sold for penny which describe its low price nature. They are described by SEC as the stocks of companies that trades below the price of $5. They are the stocks of companies with market capitalization of below $200 million. They are traded in Over-the-counter market through the exchanges like Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and Pink sheets. This type of stock is described by its low average daily trading volume which is due to its less patronage.

Penny stocks are highly volatile stocks which has the tendency to rise or fall even above 500% in a day. This makes the stock very profitable and at the other hand very dangerous if proper risk management is not implied. This has generated a controversy on whether it is safe to invest in such companies or not. Let us look at both the advantages and disadvantages of trading penny stocks, which will help any investor going into it to know exactly what he is getting into and how to go about it.

  • Low start up capital: this encourages investors with little capital to also participate in the business of stock trading. You can buy up to 2,000 units of shares of a company selling at a price of $0.10 with only a $200 capital.
  • Advantage of high volatility: despite all that has been said about this type of stock, it did not change the fact that it is possible for an investor to earn up to 1000% ROI due to its volatility. Big companies we see today like Google, started as a penny stock but today, it is counted among the big fish. The ability of an investor to find stocks with good potentials among the penny family determines his success. This chance i must say is very slim.
  • Information problem: these small cap companies provides little or no information about their companies and its operations making it extremely risky for an investor to invest in such companies. The companies usually have no track record of financial information. They can easily change their ticker symbols or get delisted in the exchange with no notice.
  • Volatility and Liquidity problem: due to its volatility, an investor can loose almost all the money invested if adequate stop loss position is not placed. And also it lacks liquidity (i.e. trades in a very low volume) which can make the sell of the stock impossible at times because there are no buyers.
  • Manipulation problem: it is very easy to manipulate the prices of these stocks because of its very low price. These stocks can be bought in high quantity by some fraudsters who will then move to promoting the stock as the "hot stocks" through e-mails, TV, radio and other media. Immediately other ignorant investors put their money into the stock, this will make the price to go even higher due to the increased demand. Then the fraudsters will offload their own stake by selling them which will create a sudden fall in price making the later ignorant investors to loose. This activity is an illegal "pump and dump" scheme.
In conclusion, we have seen that there is a very high risk of trading this type of stock and as well a high reward if a successful pick is made. We will end by advising that an investor who wants to trade this type of stock should do it with caution. You need to research more and avoid giving-in easily to hypes. Make use of good risk management system and ensure you put a stop loss order on any open position. Some institutional investors invests very little percentage (like 5% to 10%) of their portfolio into the penny stock. So, it is advisable for you not to invest all your trading capital into penny stocks but some percentage of it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Financial stock market has remained one of the avenue where people all over the world make and multiply their wealth.
It has enough room to absorb as many with different objectives whether day-trading
for profits or for long-term investment into the stock market.

I was motivated to write this article due to received questions from people on how to start or get into the online
stock market as they claim the whole picture is still blurring to them. This brought about the aim to this article which
is to reveal the hot tips one need to be aware of and stick to for an easier
start in the business of online stock trading.

1. What do you know about stock trading? This is the first question you need to ask
yourself. You should look before you leap. Do not put your money into a
business you do not understand but put your time and energy first at learning
how it works. Take advantage of good stock trading books written to guide the beginners
and learn the stock market road before running into it.

2. A business plan: stock trading is a good business and like other businesses, it
must be started with a good business plan. Your plan must cover what you set to
achieve and how you want to achieve it. It will define whether you are a
short-term, medium-term or long-term trader. Your plan will also include how
you intend to manage your risk. In achieving your trading goal, you must have
trading strategies that will guide you on entering and exiting your trades. You
can read more on designing your trading plan through this book, “Secret
Practical Guide for Stock Beginners
”, it has more in-debt analysis and
illustrations on setting up your trading plan.

3 . Practice before you invest your real money. Stock market is a risky market but you can
reduce the risk of loosing your hard earned money by first gaining the trading
experience through opening one or more of the stock simulator account. A stock market simulator is a program or
application that attempts to reproduce or duplicate some or all features of a
live stock market on a computer so that
a player may practice trading stocks without financial risk. Play the game with virtual money by owning a
virtual portfolio, test your strategies and gain more confident before
approaching the market.

4. At this stage, you are confident enough to open your real account seeing that you
have grown your virtual portfolio with your trading strategies. There are numerous
stock brokers online and you need to choose the type of broker that matches
your interest.

5. Keep a trading diary close to your table. This is very important even when you are
practicing with a virtual portfolio as it will help you to review your trades
from time to time for more improvement in your trading skill. It will also help
you to detect trade errors if they are made by your brokers for and be corrected immediately.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



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Monday, February 8, 2010


We are happy to announce the re-birth of our ever-sought-after "PROFIT BOOSTING GUIDE ON STOCKS" into "SECRET PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STOCKS BEGINNERS", which is the second edition of our dear practical stock trading book authored by Nnadi Jane C.

SECRET PRACTICAL GUIDE ON STOCKS is a more promise to every one who has interest in learning online stock trading and those who are already stock traders as it reveals more to the secret of trading successfully in a more practical way. A value to your money.

New added contents you can't afford to miss:
  • List of resourceful investment sites.
  • Trading Warren Buffet way, Benjamin Graham way, Peter Lynch way and Philip Fisher way, William O'Neil way.
  • How you can learn stock trading through playing a virtual game and even get winning prices in real cash.
  • List of online brokers and their site contact.
  • Global companies and their symbols.
  • .....and lot more
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The crisis that has besieged the American economy drew its rise to the credit crunch which came as a result of the abusive credit lifestyle imbibed by American citizens.
People borrowed money that they can not afford to pay. A virus that started in
the housing and financial sector spread to other sectors of the economy.
America is indebted to over $53 trillion and the figure continues to increase
by the day. This has led to the downside in the global stock markets as this
economic crisis extends to other economies worldwide. Two recent quarter
results released by the Germany showed that recession has extended its ugly
hands to the country and this stands as a threat to the economy of the Euro
zone. Every financial investor worldwide wonders if this is the end as
retirement portfolios of various portfolio management firms continue to report
their accounts in red.

Every event that happens in the history has its lessons to be learned from as men and women all over the world panic over global economic recession. Stock market is a
reflection of an economic well being of any country. Therefore, the stock world
is not left untouched as the global stock market experience a rapid fall in the
prices of their listed stocks. Many investors have recorded losses but do you
know there are some who are making their millions from this panic filled down
market. It all depends on the use of the right trading strategy to suit the present
situation of the market.

According to Warren Buffet, one of the successful financial market investor of our generation he said, “I am fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others
are fearful”. He means that he is more
careful during the bullish runs but invest more during the bearish period
because price of stocks are undervalued. Have you read the investment
principles of this intelligent man? If so, you will agree with me that one of
the principles states that he researches for fundamentally sound companies and targets the time to buy them at a
fallen price. It is a good investment when you have good stocks in your
portfolio at undervalued prices. This is the time most people are fearful and
you need to be greedy. There are so many undervalued good stocks traded in most
exchanges worldwide. Find them, keep track of them and invest in them at an
appropriate time.

Moreover, look at the history of the stock market starting from the 16th century till date; you will agree with me that what we are experiencing today
is not unprecedented. The market experienced a bearish period in early 1930s
and recovered from it. The market has been facing the bullish and the bearish
seasons. The bearish season facing the
market today will not last forever
as all the leaders of the world gather
for mitigation against this economic humdrum we still hope for a change?

According Oprah Winfrey, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. What are you waiting for? You need to position yourself by grabbing the necessary knowledge
and information to be able to prepare and participate in the global economy.


We are living in the information jet age, so there is the tendency that anyone not on board will be thrown off. We need to be alert in order to acquire necessary
information and utilize them to our economic transformation. Acquiring
necessary skills keeps us on the right track to be able to take full advantage
of the opportunities as they present themselves. The stock market that has
fallen today will definitely be up tomorrow and where will you be when this
will be happening.

Many economic analysts has said that a way to invest in this economic crisis is to be alert on the government and their policies as this will determine which
sector of the economy that will be recovering before the other.


Ask no more because I will be recommending a very powerful e-book written by me, Nnadi Jane Chidiogo, “SECRET PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STOCKS BEGINNERS”.
This book is motivational and contains a practical guide that can turn a novice to a
professional stock trader. It is what everyone who loves to go global needs for
his/her quest in investment pursuit.

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